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Christian Spließ
Neudorfer Straße 62
47057 Duisburg

Meine Kontaktdaten:

Sie erreichen mich telefonisch unter 0176 / 83053128

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3 Gedanken zu “Impressum

  1. Hi Christian/Prospero ~

    I hope this finds you well!

    Slow and steady we continue to advance. Allison’s music grows and we start to find our way more easily in Europe. It is more steps yet, but, we have not forgotten you and Duisburg remains on our list of must-visit places!

    FYI, below is a message I’ve sent to Alley’s fans in Germany, and, it may be something you enjoy reading.

    ‚best, Adrian


    Allison Crowe flies to Germany – this week!


    This is an exciting week, as Allison flies from Canada’s Pacific coast to Frankfurt to begin her next European concert adventure.

    The first concert of this tour is on 25.09 at the venue of Mischi – Jazzlokal Mampf, Sandweg 64, 60316 Frankfurt/Ostend – Tel 069 448674

    From Frankfurt, Allison travels to Paris (L’Archipel 27.09) then returns to Germany for a show at Café Basico (1.10), Daimlerstrasse 12, 57072 Siegen. This is the venue of Klaus Vetter, and the concert is presented by CultureLoad – a Creative Commons art community founded by two
    friends, Dominik and Sao-Wen –

    From there, Allison travels to Vienna (Tunnel 3.10), Prague (7 and 9.10) then to the UK for a John Lennon memorial concert+

    We continue to work on building connections in Germany such that Allison can perform more concerts in 2009. The right piano venues can be
    challenging to find – but, we know Alley wants to visit people in Tübingen, Duisburg, Heidelberg, Koblenz, Hamburg, Munich and other cities. (In Munich, we have found such venues as B Flat – which looks ideal, with piano, and acoustic music programme, but, so far, the programmer does not return any emails or phone calls, so, the search

    We hope you and Allison can meet again, whenever and wherever it is a good fit for you. Please let me know should you have any questions, requests, or anything about which I can assist. Danke schoen!!

    Bis bald, Adrian

    Adrian du Plessis
    Allison Crowe Music
    (250) 537-1286

    „Why music?“ „Why breathing?“

  2. Hi Adrian,
    argh – Frankfurt is a long way from Duisburg and I’ll only visit this town for the bookfair in October. Perhaps I can manage a visit in Siegen, but I’m not very sure about that. (Which day of the week is that? Hmmm…)
    Thanks for the message, I’ll put on the frontpage. Perhaps someone can give me a ride for Siegen…(Well, hope is what keeps us going. ;-))

  3. Danke, thank you! I shall send word to the event organizers at CultureLoad in Siegen – should they by any chance know of someone making a journey that goes near you!

    Duisburg is still on Allison’s tour calendar – and here’s hoping that will be in 2009!

    We’ll keep in touch.

    Indeed, hope keeps us all going ( :


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