Blogposting 12/09/2011

  • „Part of the appeal of Flipboard is that it hooks into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and a variety of other social networks and pulls content from them to build out a sort of socially-curated magazine. That’s not what Google is going for with this app. Instead, it works more like a glorified RSS reader with popular media brands hanging in the front window.“

    tags: google social media

  • “ If you’ve got a Google Reader account from the hard old days you can add one subscription at a time to Currents, but if you discover something new out on the web at large – clicking the RSS icon does nothing. It’s like an empty smile – not a portal into a world of potential learning and fun – just a dead link. It’s a violation of an important universal law to kill an RSS link, but that’s what Google Currents has done.“

    tags: google social media

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